Modern Tutoring (Basic & Advanced)

We offer a cozy study space to students in grades 7-12. Students have a chance to come in (3-5) times after school and on weekends and use our space to stay focused. Tutors are available to help them with their homework, assignments, and prep for exams. There are two types of students who can benefit from these classes. Click here to learn more.

Private Tutoring

In addition to our group classes, all our tutors are available for extra help if needed on the subjects we offer.

CPA, CFA, Fasttrack Courses

Too busy to study for a certificate that your dream job depends on? We offer fast track courses to help students who are pursuing certificates such as CPA and CFA. Our experienced tutors not only have successfully passed these courses, they also work in the field and can become great mentors.

Personal Finance

This course is offered to grade 9-12 students on weekends. It is intended to improve financial literacy, and prepare our students for the real world. This information is unfortunately not readily available in secondary and even post-secondary education, which creates a huge knowledge gap that has implications far beyond education


  • Experienced Faculties

    We are a team of highly experienced teacher and tutors who have carefully been handpicked over the past few years. We help with students with their existing work as well as assigning them targeted homework without overloading them with unnecessary work and stress.

  • Small class sizes

    We have Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Biology classes. Each teacher is assigned to small groups of 3-6 students. Each student will receive private attention.

  • Carefull Attention

    Our school is committed to helping students at all levels. We achieve this by maintaining small class sizes, and ensuring that each student receives the attention they need.

  • Private Counselling

    A team of university Alumni are available online and in class to each student by appointments. They can help guide students towards picking the right university and the right field of study.


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