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Here at Helix Academy we believe there are 4 Components of Success

How We Do That?

As a team of University Alumni, teachers and experienced tutors we believe every student can be successful if they follow our rules of success.

Our promise is to help with every single one of these steps.


Our instructors engage and evaluate the students through frequent small meetings. Our class sizes are small, in order to create strong and personal relationships between our faculty and students. This allows us to keep track of not just the short term academic goals, but also personal and long term career aspirations. We also work with a team of psychologists who work with us online and in-person. They are available to students by appointment. With instructors and psychologists available for consultation, we can provide our students with both short term and long term career counselling.


We keep the parents updated regularly through our smart phone application. Parents are able to check on students’ progress reports by logging into our app. We keep records on how the students are performing at school, as well as at our academy. We work as a team with our students and their parents to develop goals, based on their current performance in school.


“We Learn Better Together”. At Helix Academy we provide a safe and cozy space to students in grades 7-12. Students can come in after school and work on their schoolwork, eat and socialize. There are plenty of teachers and tutors available at the center who are ready to help them with any questions they might have regarding their homework. Our team is trained to regularly check on students’ work and make sure they are up to date with their class work. Our team will also assign targeted homework (only on subjects they think students require more practice) while making sure they are not overloaded with unnecessary work. Let’s not forget the most important part! Students learn to peer tutor each other in our classes which helps them gain confidence”. We learn better together”