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Sessions / Week
3* sessions
Help with schoolwork
Additional homework as needed
Sample tests/exams
Test taking strategies
Lecture content
University application preparation
Post-secondary major consultation
**Each session is held for 2 hours. Students are more than welcome to stay longer to finish their work.
Basic Course:

This course is designed for students who wish to improve their fundamentals in mathematics and sciences. Our instructors will assess each student for their strengths and weaknesses, and supplement their learning accordingly. They will go over the regular schoolwork, assess any deficiencies, and improve Depending on each student’s need, our instructors may assign additional work to solidify concepts. This will be done only to supplement learning, prioritizing regular school work if there are any conflicts in time or scheduling.

Our instructors will work with a small class size, build the fundamentals and apply it to real-time, test-taking situations. They will work together on sample tests to practice and sharpen their test taking skills.

Advanced Course

University is no joke. There are many students who become overwhelmed with their academic work load in university, struggle and drop out because they were not prepared. We don’t give up on our students that easily! Hence, we have made an advanced course for our students.

This course is designed for students with a career-oriented focus on post-secondary education in applied mathematics and sciences, finances, accounting and business. Students enrolled in this course will undergo rigorous coursework to prepare for university. The goals of this course are to bridge the gap between high school level and university level courses, and to make sure that our students will thrive in higher learning institutions.

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