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Personal Finance:

We have an additional course in personal finance, offered to students in secondary schools (grades 9 – 12). This course is intended to improve financial literacy, and prepare our students for the real world. This information is unfortunately not readily available in secondary and even post-secondary education, which creates a huge knowledge gap that has implications far beyond education.

Our course has four key components in citizenship, economics, personal finances and consumer awareness. The focus of this course is for our students to understand how money works, and its implications in the real world. Concepts covered in this course ranges from budgeting, credit cards, loans, lines of credit, and personal financial management.

This course is taught weekly by a Canadian Security Certified instructor, and is meant to be supplemental to regular classes without additional homework. Students will complete all the necessary work within the one hour sessions every week. Our instructor is open to additional questions and classwork if students wish to solidify certain concepts.

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